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Preparation of plans and documents required for a Development Application to council.


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Compliance and Analysis
Plans, Elevations and Sections
Shadow Diagrams and Schedules
Council specific requests
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Simply number and issue a list of edits for our team to update.
By far the most popular way to communicate revisions to your plans.
Spend a moment to sketch out what you hope to see in your plans. We’ll follow it.
Documentation sets for development applications with council.
Site boundary with proposed and existing structures on site survey with setbacks, vehicle, pedestrian access and landscaping.
Site boundary with proposed structure, local area amenity, proximity landmarks, wind, weather, solar and noise influences.
Site boundary with proposed landscaping and calculations.
Plan showing compliance table, ground floor area, garage, first floor area, private open space, landscaped area.
Plans showing design of the build including internal walls, windows, doors, use of rooms
Facade elevation showing proposed development and neighbouring structures.
Elevations of all sides, North, South, East and West. Showing RL heights, window and door openings.
Section details of length and width of site. Internal and external wall structures detailed.
Exterior materials and finishes attributed to the structure.
All external windows and doors, detailing measurements, opening, heights from FFL.
Visible objects located on the ceiling, electrical and lighting layout.
Select solar diagrams presented of the site’s structure and its effect against neighbouring sites.
Simply send a brief for a project and we’ll draft the project into 2D CAD plans for you. From homes to apartments, commercial and special projects.
Detailed plans created in Revit allowing for a comprehensive documentation of the site in 2D and 3D.
Scale floor plans and elevations created in PDF. If you have no need for CADs or Revit files so a set of plans for ease of review will be issued.
Showcasing versatile and orderly warehouse projects.
Eye-catching angles with space designed to flaunt products and brands.
Supportive & professional institution designs are brought to life.
Sleek workspaces emphasizing collaboration, workplace aesthetic and inspiration.
Creating a motivational atmosphere for a range of sports training and exercises.
Lobby spaces designed to be welcoming and empowering first impressions to all entrants.
Creating event and special project spaces.
Strikingly accurate depictions of finished builds placed in photographed scenes.

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Development Applications

Council requirements for Development Applications vary and we will work with you to complete the finished set of plans required for lodgement. The comprehensive set of plans will be issue ready for council and then can be finalised with interior elevations ready for construction certificates and builders.

3d Rendering Photomontage


We firmly believe in using a detailed approach in all of our plans, we try to bring out every detail of a manufacturers specification used for the project. If there are specific supplier .dwgs available for the project we will insert these into the CAD to optimise finished presentation. This helps when communicating with stakeholders and promotes a more accurate plan.

3d Rendering Facade

Do we draft the area around the building site?

Absolutely! We want our site plans to have a solid representation of how the building fits into the immediate surroundings. Our site plans not only showcase the exterior of the building within surveyed boundary, but they can also show any additional exterior features you’d like to see like neighbours, parkland, street verge, waterways, trees, parking lots along with other structural or landscaping features.

3d Rendering Realestate Facade