CADSHEETS is a detail oriented architectural team providing in depth drafting services required of residential and commercial project documentation. We provide that extra push for clients who don’t require a team in-house or prefer to have assistance when there is overflow in their practice. From a quick set of CAD plans for helping establish a concept or feasibility all the way through to issuing revisions, council submissions and plans for construction certificates. We are all well qualified and proficient in architecture and architectural computing. We are specialists in both REVIT and AutoCAD and have over 20 years experience in local projects, design and customer service.


  1. These terms and conditions of sale (“Conditions”) form part of every sale of product or service provided by CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd ACN 664 639 749 (“CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd”, “us” and/or “we” as the context permits) or their agents. By accepting provision of any product/service, the customer (“you”) acknowledges that the product/service purchased is subject to these conditions. Payment for any product/service (“payment”) means cleared funds at CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd designated bank account, cash, bank cheque received by CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd or credit card subject to additional charges.
  2. For CAD & REVIT plans, a 50% deposit payment for product/service ordered is required in advance of commencement of any product/service provided by CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Balance of invoiced amount is to be paid before delivery of items listed on quotation invoice or contract. Should the project be delayed by you beyond 7 working days, CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to invoice the work to date and request final payment under the conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Ownership or use of the product/service supplied by CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd, as part of the product/service requested, does not pass to you until payment for the total contract is received as “final payment for any product/service”.
  4. We will make all reasonable efforts to provide the product/service to you on the date advised, either written or verbally advised, but we are under no liability if provision is not made on that date.
  5. Unless otherwise specified, standard delivery times for drafting are quoted at time of engagement otherwise noted on the company website. All relevant Information includes a full set of DWG drawings, including: elevations, plans, survey plans, external colour scheme and material schedule, landscaping plan, interior furniture selection, joinery drawings, reflective ceiling plans (RCP’s), internal fittings and finishes schedule. Delivery is contingent on prompt client feedback and from other consultants involved in the projects. Express projects require feedback within 2 hours of documentation being sent to the client for comment, unless otherwise discussed. Final plans will be provided in the PDF and the requested format, ie .dwg or .rvt format unless requested otherwise.
  6. Products/services are supplied in a staged process allowing for review and confirmation at each stage. You are required to provide your confirmation before the process proceeds into the following stage. Design/development changes or variation to initial design direction to your project may incur additional costs to cover additional workload to what was originally quoted. Feedback from multiple parties involved will be collated and communicated by you as the purchaser. Final confirmation and direction will be taken from you, unless otherwise agreed.
  7. Although every possible measure is taken to ensure the final products are as accurate as possible CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd is not legally liable for the accuracy of the plans, elevations, diagrams, sections and other studies.
  8. Plans are issue to scale. If a specific size is required please bring this to our attention before proceeding with the proposal and it will be quoted for accordingly.
  9. Our liability to you for breach of contract, negligence or otherwise in respect of the product/service or supply of the product/service is limited to the replacement or value of the replacement of the product/service. Without limitation we are not liable for consequential loss or damages however arising.
  10. In the event of dispute, the proper law governing our relationship is that of the state of New South Wales, Australia.
  11. We are not liable for infringement or unauthorised use of any intellectual property provided by you for use in the product/services supplied by CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd. You further agree by placing an order with us to indemnify us against all claims, proceedings, demands, costs and liabilities arising in connection with any breach of the warranties contained in this clause. If any dispute or claim is made in respect of any infringement or unauthorised use of intellectual property we may terminate the arrangements with you by notice to you and without any liability by us to you or any other person.
  12. Copyright of plans and documents, unless permitted in writing, is limited to the use of the product/services provided by CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd.
  13. In producing the product/services, original works, in which copyright subsists under the Australian Copyright Act 1968, will be created, namely artistic works including design and techniques. This copyright works will be produced by CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd employees, its associated companies, or from a third party, individual, or company, that has granted copyright to CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd.
  14. CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to halt, suspend or cease supply of the product/service if payment is not made when due. We will not be responsible for any loss incurred by you as a result of product/services being halted, suspended or ceased by us.
  15. CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd operates on a multinational level, therefore public holidays across our production studios may impact on the timing of particular projects.
  16. CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to utilise pro-rata invoicing for this project, billing for each individual documentation element separately, should the client require components prior to completion of overall campaign.
  17. Acceptance of this quotation is subject to these Terms and Conditions and the accepted quotation forms an agreement between the company named on this acceptance and CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd.
  18. This quotation becomes a Contract of Sale between CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd and the named purchaser upon the payment of the deposit invoice.
  19. The purchaser may nominate a substitute or additional purchaser, but the named purchaser remains liable for the due performance of all the purchaser’s obligations under this Contract of Sale. By making payment of the deposit invoice, this quotation will be an agreement and contract between CADSHEETS Australia Pty Ltd and the nominated company outlined in the contact details on Page 1, unless otherwise agreed in writing. By making payment you are stating you are the authorised person to confirm on behalf of the company shown on this proposal and you further state all payments due under the contract are the responsibility of the nominated company.

We specialise in creating CAD & REVIT plans for new and past projects. We are a team of qualified residential and commercial architects [including interior architects] with a specialist skillset for drafting. We follow council and government guidelines for building and development applications and complete documentation for Architects, Project Managers, Developers, Home Builders and Renovators. We are an alternative to you employing an in-house drafting team.

We are a dedicated architectural team. Our purpose is to provide you with a premium quality drafting service of exceptional detail, pace and price point. We aim to deliver our customers an exemplary professional experience from quoting to project management, drafting and accounts.

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